Your Prayers are asked…

For the sick and housebound…

For all members of the Parish, and of our wider communities, who are sick or housebound.
In line with the new GDPR regulations, if any sick person would like to give permission in person to be mentioned on the sick list, please contact Fr Richard in writing (

Fr Bill East Frances Cole Elaine Brighton
and all the sick of the Parish.

For those who have died…

…for those who died recently, and for all who have died.
…for all those whose anniversaries occur at this time.
In a special way please pray for ‘those who have passed from this world unnoticed, uncared for, and alone’.

The Pope’s Prayer Intentions for April

Doctors and their Collaborators in War Torn Areas

For doctors and their humanitarian collaborators in war torn areas, who risk their lives to save the lives of others.