St Joseph’s Parish is now being looked after by the York Oratory-in-Formation, based at St WIlfrid’s Church in the city centre.

Please see this week’s Newsletter for the latest information.

Please refer to the combined website:

Facebook page:
St Wilfrid’s Catholic Church – York Oratorians

For enquiries about hiring the hall, please contact
Dinu Abraham abraham_dinu@yahoo.co.uk
or Fr Richard rectory@stwilfridsyork.org.uk

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)

The Catholic Insurance Service has given instructions to the Diocese regarding the new GDPR legislation which is now in force. It means, for instance, that without the written consent of those who are ill (they and they alone can give it) we are no longer able to publish their names in the parish newsletter. It seems sad not to be able to mention indiviuals by name, nevertheless we do pray for those who are ill and will continue to do so.
If any sick person would like to give permission in person to be mentioned on the sick list, please contact Fr Richard in writing (rectory@stwilfridsyork.org.uk).

Likewise, Mass Intentions for those who are living should be simply listed as a Private Intention with the surname of the donor.
Also, for rotas for Readers and Eucharistic Ministers etc, we will be asking individuals for permission to show their names.